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Java Inter-App Communication & The Orderly Shutdown Pattern

Presenter: John Thompson

Java's innate features (e.g., networking, multithreading) facilitate inter-app communication. We'll use these features to illustrate an Orderly Shutdown pattern for server-app control. Then we'll extend the strategies employed to show how you can implement other simple inter-app communication. (Note: This Intro session will not address RMI, JMS, or other advanced Java technologies.)

Bio: John Thompson, a Boulder, Colorado-based consultant, does a majority his development and builds on a Windows desktop and deploys, unaltered, on the Open Source platform of Linux, Apache, Tomcat and MySQL. For aid in deploying to this license fee-free open source platform, contact John at


I. Networking Basics
II. Java Language Networking Features
III. Inter-App Communication Example
IV. Multi-Threading Basics
V. Java Language Threading Features
VI. Multithreaded Inter-App Communication Example --
        The Orderly Shutdown Pattern
VII. Summary

Sample Code

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