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VII. Summary

While J2EE offers powerful solutions for many programming tasks, Java's basic language features can solve complex problems without the complexity, cost, and processing burdens of application server-based solutions.

VIII. References


John Thompson is a Boulder, Colorado-based consultant with decades of experience in the business and development of software. A relative latecomer to Java, he has since produced over 125,000 lines of production server-side Java for his own and other businesses -- and now "gets it."

John does a majority of his development and builds on a Windows desktop and deploys, unaltered, on the Open Source platform of Linux, Apache, Tomcat and MySQL. Other platform work includes Solaris, Oracle, JRun, and WebLogic.

His business interests include aiding companies that face the challenge of software delivery. His technical interests include delivering specific functionality of demonstrable quality on a timeline.

For aid in deploying your web apps to a license fee-free open source platform, contact John at

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