Java User Group Presentations Overview - Spring 2001

John M. Thompson

Over the past 18 months, the Application Service Provider website has been under development.  This site supports web-based assessments (tests and surveys) - their creation, delivery, scoring, reporting and management.  I will use this work as a springboard for a practical discussion of the process of harnessing the Java Spec, moving target that it is, in building a real-world application start to finish.

During the Newbies Session, I will overview the Java Platform and, and use it to demonstrate some of the technologies within, and applications for the Java Platform.

During the Main session later that same evening, I will talk in more depth about Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) and Java Servlets (Apache's Jakarta-Tomcat), and show how they are deployed to meet the application requirements of

I will finish with some discussion of interesting problems that this work presented, and their solutions, along with the implications of some design decisions - including an alternative to Java Applets and JavaServer Pages.

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