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I Can Do That.  How'd You Do That?

The Wonder of the Web is that it's made many complex and difficult things seem very easy to do.  But it's instructive to recall a remark by the talented and charming singer/songwriter Ms. Dolly Parton -

"You'd be amazed how much it costs to make this hair look cheap!"

Dolly's great with a quip.  But, our point is -- in web-based development a good design coupled with sound implementation can make things look pretty simple. But it's often not as easy as it looks.

A Dot-Com Explosion?  Or Just A Dot-Comedy?

The dot-com explosion we heard as the new millennium approached became a dot-bomb of even louder proportions. Why?  Plenty of reasons (and blame). But a chief cause was that web-development is something many developers are ill-prepared to do.  Here's a news flash: Hiring more of them is not the way out of a hole.  And hiring people with experience from the recent past is no guarantee they've ever succeeded at web development!

For proof of our successes, read on.

Need Help with Definition and Creation of Stand-Alone, App Server-based Sites?

If your strategy involves any web-based or enterprise-category development, you'll be well served to have a look at another of our more aggressive development efforts. For this site, iWay designed the entire product offering - including decisions about product functionality, and free trial and paid service levels.

This site, goAskem.com, features an industry-standard, Java Servlet-based implementation and such object-oriented software design principles as

The site implements a complete application service for on-line assessment - tests and surveys - including creation, delivery, data collection, scoring and management, and results analysis and visualization.  iWay Technology was integral in every phase of this project - competitive analysis, market positioning, requirements definition, design, implementation and testing.  Now, iWay Technology operates this site as a part of its full-service web-app deployment capability.

Click here to visit that site.

Lighter On The Sauce, Please

If goAskem.com seems beyond your present requirements, here is something a little less aggressive.

OnCourse International is an association of professionals engaged in senior management consulting and personal-assessment seminars. They were looking for a site that conveyed their professionalism, but also engaged the visitor in a process that might lead them to realize the benefit of further services.

Their site, completely designed and implemented by iWay Technology Company, goes beyond the traditional brochure-ware and periodic news pages, with a distributed-implementation, server-side Java-based personal assessment instrument that fosters an introspective look by the visitor.

This process is supported with unique graphical results presentation (without the burden of Java applets), and a wealth of background material to aid in the interpretation of the visitor's results.  These results are maintained for reuse and downloading in a relational database using JDBC ecapsulated in the O-R Mapping layer of iWay's web-app framework.

Click here to visit that site.

One For The Road

The Absolute Installation Service specializes in mobile electronics sales and service. In fact, they can drive a full-service installation and repair shop right up along side your vehicle (talk about "walking the walk", eh?). They spend a lot of time on the road and needed a way to "talk" to their customer without getting tied up on the phone.

This site answered their needs. Although it is as simple as a single web page, it lists their specialties, product lines and contact info.  Best of all, it's on the job 24x7, all year 'round.  And this site literally hasn't had a day off in months.

Click here to visit that site.

Can We Get You Going?

iWay Technology provides a full service - design, implementation, and hosting (or any one of these phases).  We can even find best deals for you to utilize industry leaders in hosting commercial services completely out-of-house to save you time and money, secure your data and code, and avoid loses on technology that is rapidly becoming commoditized.

Contact us here.


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